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New Beginnings

Change. Love it. Hate it. Doesn't matter. It's coming your way over and over and over. You know the ol' addage...the only consistent part of life is change.

How do you feel about change? If your team lead, manager, co-worker, friend, spouse, parent, child, sibling came to you with a "big announcement" that would have an impact to your life, what is your first reaction?

Change can be intimidating...just plain scary! Change pulls you out of your comfort zone and makes you perhaps reevaluate things. It forces you to be transparent and honest about your views, your thoughts, your "hard no's", and those "strong yes's."

I have been in the real estate industry for 31 years. In my time, I've seen the ups and downs of the markets...the ebb and flow of volume...and I've been on the giving side of bad news and the receiving side of the same bad news. Neither are fun.

With the recent shift in the industry and the reduction of volume, there have been literally thousands of mortgage professionals laid off and I have found myself one of those thousands. After years of leadership, I know (now) that it's not a "personal thing." It's a business decision. And those, my friends, are hard hard hard - and they rarely "make sense" to the person receiving the news.