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Managing the Job Hunt - Part 1 - Resumes

My “roots” are in real estate – specifically in mortgage lending operations – and many of my friends and prior co-workers are actively looking for work. I was bowling last week and a bowling friend was heading to a local job fair and expressed how unprofessional the resumes she is seeing present. She went on to comment on how poorly many people interview.

My friend’s industry is not the same as mine. We cannot relate on a “professional day-to-day” level based upon our chosen fields. However, we can share our observations which align somewhat.

As I scroll through LinkedIn, my feed is flooded by posts and comments made by people who, despite years of experience, can’t seem to land an interview. Sure, the sheer number of applicants impacts your odds, but there are other roadblocks which are preventing you from landing that interview.

As such, I thought it would be relevant to talk about job hunt process itself. Thus, the "Part 1" in the title!